Our Services

At Yerrington Consulting, we blend our technical prowess in AI and machine learning with strategic consulting to unlock your business's potential. Discover how we can transform your challenges into innovative solutions.

Data Science Consulting

Unlock the potential of your data with our bespoke consulting services, from data strategy to predictive analytics.

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Comprehensive Strategic Solutions

Strategic foresight in engineering and data management, our services guide your organizational planning, SDLC processes, and data science team structuring for a transformative impact on your business.

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Advanced ML & AI Development

Leverage our expertise in cutting-edge Machine Learning and AI development to build smart, predictive models that drive decision-making and innovation.

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LLMs, ChatGPT, and NLP

Harness the power of Large Language Models and Natural Language Processing to unlock innovative conversational AI and text analysis solutions for your business.

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Custom Chatbot Solutions

Create engaging, intelligent chatbots tailored to your business needs, enhancing customer service and automating interactions.

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Data Visualization & Analytics

Turn your data into compelling stories with our Data Visualization and Analytics services, making complex information easily understandable and actionable.

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Cloud Solutions

Utilize the scalability and power of AWS and Google Cloud to deploy and manage your applications and services, ensuring high availability and performance.

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Web Development for AI and ML

Develop cutting-edge web applications designed to leverage and showcase your AI and ML models, providing intuitive interfaces for your users.

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Our customers and their experiences

Discover the stories of success and satisfaction from our valued clients.

  • "Dave possesses a broad range of skills in ML and technology and can always be relied upon for expert advice and consultation. I can't say enough of how much he has to offer and the level of which he can deliver."

    profile picture
    Kent Blodgett
    Director, Product Management at Audio BU
  • "Working with Dave was a game-changer, especially on the NLP front. He has a knack for breaking down complex language data problems and turning them into something we can actually use and benefit from. It’s not just about their deep knowledge in NLP, but also how he makes the whole process feel seamless and even fun. "

    profile picture
    Sri Kanajan
    Senior Manager, Data Science at Scale AI
  • "David was great helping us solve a GCP architecture issue. He helped us get our load balancers in order. He was quick and efficient - got the problem solved, and wrote good documentation about it. Ultimately, running a business requires getting the problem unblocked so we can keep running, so it's critical to have people who can help with that."

    profile picture
    Philip Geltman
    CEO at Growthsayer
  • "David was instrumental in leading the research and re-design of our logistics management system for coastal emergency response operations. Very thorough and detail oriented."

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    Steve Mahoney
    Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection


Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions about how we can work together? Below are answers to some of the most common questions clients ask. If you don’t find what you’re looking for, please don’t hesitate to contact me. I’m here to help you navigate your project's needs and ensure you have all the information you need to move forward with confidence.

If you're in the initial stages of your idea and not quite sure of the next steps, I offer consulting sessions starting at just one hour. This can be a great way to figure out your project's direction without a significant initial commitment.

Let's Enhance Your Business Together

Discover how our expertise can empower your business. Connect with us to explore customized solutions tailored to your needs. Whether you're aiming to revolutionize an industry, boost operational efficiency, or simply gain a clearer understanding of your data landscape, Yerrington Consulting is dedicated to guiding and supporting you at every step.

New Technology

Enhancing Business Systems with Advanced LLM Integration

Discover the transformative impact of integrating Large Language Models like ChatGPT into your business systems. Experience how these advanced technologies can elevate user experience and drive operational efficiency.

Real-Time Insights and Enhanced Decision Making

  • Automated data analysis and reporting
  • Intelligent decision support systems
  • Customizable AI-driven solutions (chatbots, agents)
  • Finetune to your existing knowledge systems.

Streamlining Operations with AI

  • Automated customer service interactions
  • Enhanced data processing and analysis
  • Custom integrations for existing systems
  • Deep sentiment understanding

Project Spotlight

Revolutionizing Medical Document Processing

We worked with Dr. Hugh McSwain with his startup Mediblock to consult and provide solutions bridging the gap between medical expertise and cutting-edge AI.

Tailored Consulting for Healthcare AI

  • Consulted and developed a custom document processing workflow.
  • Collaborated with engineering teams and stakeholders for implementation.
  • Integrated open-source computer vision products for initial prototyping.
  • Optimized solution with AWS for scalability and cost-efficiency.

Impactful AI Solutions in Healthcare

  • Enhanced efficiency in medical document management.
  • Facilitated faster, more accurate data retrieval and analysis.
  • Improved patient care through streamlined information processing.
  • Custom solution designed for easy integration and use by medical professionals.
Custom NLP processing diagram

Project Spotlight

Enhancing Educational Excellence at Turing College

Turing College Curriculum Enhancement

In a collaborative effort with Turing College, we focused on refining and enhancing their data science curriculum. Our goal was to align learning goals with the latest industry standards and ensure comprehensive educational content.

Curriculum Development and Review

  • Reviewed and refined learning goals for foundational data science modules.
  • Suggested new objectives for each educational module to enhance learning outcomes.
  • Conducted critical reviews of third-party educational content for relevance and quality.
  • Recommended various types of assessments and prerequisite readings to bolster learning.